Test training on 9-11 November in Vilnius, Lithuania

September 14, 2016

The test training gives knowledge and skills for using Tripod tests in five languages: Latvian, Russian, Lithuanian, English and Estonian. 

The programme gives an overview of the use of standardized psychological tests in personnel selection and assessment. Topics:

  • Why shall we use psychological tests to assess candidates and employees?
  • Where can we apply psychological tests?
  • How to interpret the test scores?
  • How to apply the results in practice?

A more thorough consideration will be given to the psychological tests and inventories offered by Tripod, providing necessary knowledge of their theoretical background, psychometric properties, practical skills for using the tests in the web-based testing system and interpreting the results.

The training methods are interactive, using lots of active discussion and practical exercises. The participants will be able to fill in some tests for free prior to the training and receive the results at their e-mail address. A part of the theoretical material will be sent to participants a week before the training.

All participants will receive a thorough material package including the ethics guide to facilitate fair testing.

After passing the course, every participant will write an analyses based of test results and receive personal feedback. After that the participant will receive a personal test user licence and a web account for using the tests. The licence holder has the right to administer tests provided by Tripod, interpret their results and give feedback to test takers. The licence can be extended after its expiry; the licence holder is not required to repeat the training. The licence fee does not include the test fees.

We will offer the licence holder:

- free helpdesk services Mon-Fri 9-17 via e-mail and phone

- additional seminars for developing test interpretation skills

- newsletters about the tests and test use in practice

If you want to participate in the training, please contact us: 

liisa.raudsepp@tripod.ee or +372 618 1572.