What is the long-term impact of team coaching?

October 18, 2017

It is known that it is crucial to evaluate team coaching and training programmes’ impact both in short-term and long-term perspective. However, in practical settings, the long-term evaluation is rather rarely systematically planned and carried out.

Therefore we were impatiently waiting for the results of our first quantitative team coaching impact study – following up a team of 20 leaders who entered a team development program.

The group consisted of 18 members forming an umbrella organisation – Estonian LEADER Union (ELU) – themselves being managers of local organisations. ELU had been operating for some years already, but found it challenging to create a sense of belonging and motivation among members to prioritize the development of the union in addition to developing their own organizations.

The organisation aimed to improve significantly their level of cooperation and quality of both internal and external communication.

A development program based on group coaching and supervision was designed and carried out by coaches Liisa Raudsepp (Tripod) and Signe Vesso (Dictum). 

A quantitative questionnaire was created to measure exactly the aspects of communication and cooperation that the umbrella organisation wanted to improve. It was administered:

  • 2 weeks before entering the program
  • 1-2 weeks after finishing the program
  • 6 months after finishing the program

Now about the results: it is known that if  development targets are measured before and after a development program, the numbers are usually lower at the first measurement, higher after the programme, and dropping after 6 months (though usually not back to the starting level). So this is the dynamic that we expected from this study as well.

First, the evaluations of every aspect of communication and cooperation had been risen at Study 2, the most significant average rise being 2,2 points on a 7-point scale. That was as expected.

But at Study 3, almost no aspects had been dropping (the only exeption being „Having a strong sense of belonging in the umbrella organisation). Even more, some aspects had kept rising! („Communication among members is transparent“ and „The mailing list is an effective channel of communication for me“)

Therefore we happily report that the impact of the team coaching program (that the team members confirmed by several signifant examples of cooperation and improved communication meanwhile) was sustainable

Another measurement is planned for March 2018. And another „vision and focus“ team development day was carried out in October 2017 to strengthen the sense of belonging and achieving together in the group. This was beautifully reflected in a silently and cooperatively co-created group painting illustrating this story.