airBaltic uses Tripod’s test for assessing pilots and cadets

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The Latvian airline airBaltic has been using Tripod’s tests for assessing hundreds of pilots, also during the assessment for new cadets in airBaltic Pilot Academy.

„For flying a plane, spatial ability is very important, but also general mental ability which reflects the general learning capability. Therefore we are using Tripod’s Mental Ability Scale VVS/4 for assessing pilots“, says Madara Zile, Personnel Recruitment Specialist at airBaltic. „Tripod’s Mental Ability Scale’s results are clearly correlated to the candidate’s performance in flying simulation test or flying test.“

airBaltic is also training new pilots in airBaltic Pilot Academy. As the responsibility of a pilot is very high, the candidates need to attend a very thorough assessment including psychological tests, interviews and physical tests. „One has to have strong English skills for studying in the academy, therefore we are using Tripod’s English Reading Test ENG-READ to assess the candidates’ language skills. We have noticed that the test confirms successfully any doubts that we’ve had during the interview about the candidate’s English language competence.“

Tripod has more than 20 years of experience with developing and offering professional psychological tests and language skills tests, also developing tailor-made tests for companies.

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