Interview Cards Training on 16th of March

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Tripod Interview Cards are a hands-on tool for recruiter: they contain sample questions for interviewing managers and specialist level employees. An interview starts with planning and setting the focus in cooperation with the recruiting manager: what are the essential competences that we need to assess?

During the practical training we will practise analysing candidates’ answers as well as asking follow-up questions that will help deliver the information that we need at a job interview. Focusing on the Big Five model of personality, we will analyse the body language of the candidate, their vocabulary and behavior, which will give clues about their personality traits.

“After 17 years as a recruiter and 10,000 job interviews, I feel I have experience in assessing candidates’ competences. I decided to attend the training because I like structure and science-based methods and I wished to top up my skills of assessing the risks arising from candidates’ dispositions. As expected, the training was practicable and useful.” Karin Jarvet, Recruitment Expert

Each participant will get a set of interview cards comprising:

  • A booklet for asking questions as well as spotting body language and use of vocabulary at an interview
  • A set of laminated cards containing sample interview questions
  • A marker pen for ticking relevant questions.

The next training will take on 16th of March at 9.00-12.00 in Zoom! The attendants will have a chance to complete Personality Inventory IK-15 free of charge. The test report will highlight individual strengths, values, keywords for a suitable job and recommendations across all the 15 scales.

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Fee EUR 240, plus VAT. The licensed users of Tripod tests can get at a discount of -20%.

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