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Follow-up actions

Organisational studies allow for ‘taking the temperature’ as regards your organisation’s health, management culture or satisfaction with cooperation. The thermometer shows you the status; however, it does not provide a cure.

To improve the health of an organisation, its managers and employees need to have a common understanding of the situation as it is and also what it could be in the future. It is then necessary to draft a plan to move forward and put it into action. In other words, in order to achieve the desired change, you will need follow-up activities leading to it.

We will help you work with the results. We offer support:  

  • to the management: interpreting the results, creating a vision for change, drafting a plan of action;
  • to teams: interpreting the results and drafting a plan for areas where it is necessary to involve employees in creating solutions and promote taking initiative and responsibility;
  • coaching questions at the end of reports meant for managers: to draft a personal development plan; 
  • consulting and coaching for managers to analyse the feedback given to them, set motivational development goals and implement plans; 
  • supervision for teams in case of modest outcomes low motivation to cooperate. Supervision helps handle emotionally loaded topics, explain role expectations, build trust and boost cooperation in the team;
  • training to carry out workshops in the organisation to work with the results on all levels, promoting information flow and ideas both top to bottom and bottom to top.
Meelis Pihlamäe

Senior Consultant in Surveys

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Liisa Raudsepp

Coach and Professional Supervisor

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