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Client satisfaction survey

The client satisfaction survey helps understand what clients perceive as the main qualities of the services or products offered, and how satisfied they are with the qualities. What is the perceived importance of various aspects of the product, which are the most important ones and what needs further development?

The survey method will be developed in collaboration with the client to map out the key points of the product or service:

  • Is the product or service innovative and does it meet the growing expectations of the client?
  • Is the product or service being developed in line with feedback?
  • Are the people behind the product or service available and is the information provided user-friendly?
  • Are the employees behind the product or service competent and is their work of high quality?
  • The recommendation index of the product or service.
Meelis Pihlamäe

Senior Consultant in Surveys

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Deniss Kovaljov

Survey Specialist

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