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Cooperation survey

The cooperation survey maps cooperation between teams. It gives an insight into the job satisfaction of the employees who use the services or support provided by the other departments in the organisation. These days, almost every employee is a client as well as a service provider.

The aim of cooperation survey is to improve cooperation within the organisation and increase its efficiency. Since cooperation is a two-way process, depending both on the delivery and the setup of the client’s request, in addition to satisfaction we look into how the ‘client’ expresses their expectations.

The results show where cooperation could be more efficient, so that everyone in the organisation could provide better quality to their colleagues.

We design a unique questionnaire for each department or collaboration partner. Whenever possible, it should be applicable to all departments, permitting comparison of the results between departments.

In order to really understand the results and derive long-term benefits, we are happy to support improvement of cooperation with follow-up activities.

Meelis Pihlamäe

Senior Consultant in Surveys

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Deniss Kovaljov

Survey Specialist

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