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For counselling

You can choose between three tests for career counselling, or go for all of them. The measures are widely used by the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund (over 4500 tests in 2020) and the counselling section of the Education and Youth Board.

The tests can be taken in English, Russian and Estonian, both by youth and adults.

Vocational Interests Inventory TASK

TASK helps identify an individual natural profile of interests. The inventory is based on the Occupational Themes Model by John L. Holland (Holland Codes). The test characterises preferences across six areas:

  • Social disposition – preference for working with people and for them;
  • Enterprising disposition – preference for engaging in business;
  • Conventional disposition – preference for working with details;
  • Realistic disposition – preference for physical activities in open air;
  • Investigative disposition – preference for research and analysis;
  • Artistic disposition – preference for creative activities and self-expression.

Personality Inventory IK-15

IK-15 is based on the Big Five and describes the test taker using five main dispositions:

  • Emotional response – resistance to stress and emotional stability
  • Activity level – energy and extraversion
  • Interaction style – agreeableness and helpfulness
  • Action style – commitment and consistency
  • Responsiveness – adaptability and creativity

In addition, the tests measures ten further indicators.

Mental Ability Scale VVS-N

VVS-N shows the test taker’s performance in abstract exercises. Mapping your strengths and preferences helps make more informed career choices. The test measures verbal and arithmetic abilities, logical and spatial thinking, as well as the general mental ability.



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