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Test licencing training

Our test licencing training will give you the foundations for independent administration of tests. When testing on your own, you save your time and money otherwise spent on assessment service. Independent test use is a handy option when you need to test people often.

We train both HR professionals (tests for HR) as well as psychologists and career counsellors (tests for career counselling).

  • HR professionals are welcome to learn about using tests in recruitment, future talent assessment, supporting development and team analysis. It is a three-day programme.
  • Psychologists and career counsellors are welcome to learn about using tests in providing career advice to pupils and adults. It is a three-day programme.

Each participant will get a personal test user licence, entitling them to administer tests and interpret their results independently, as well as use the online testing environment provided by us.

The next training in ENGLISH:

  • 22-23rd of February and 22nd of March 2022


You have a tight schedule or you would rather not test yourself? Check out our assessment service.


Tuuli Junolainen

Trainer and Coach

+372 618 1570

Madis Bachmann

Assessment Consultant and Recruitment Specialist

+372 618 1572