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Test seminars

Would you like to know more about our tests? You are welcome to our public seminars. We are also open to create a tailor-made seminar for your organisation.

Some topics to choose from: use of psychometric tests in assessment, assessment of personality traits, assessment of managers, identifying potential in IT.

We also use seminars to offer additional training to our licensed test users. To extend your user licence, you need to attend at least one seminar within two years of licensing.

In-house seminars are meant for advanced test users: we discuss testing practice, share experience, analyse complicated cases. Role modelling is an excellent way to learn new skills for interpreting test results and giving feedback. Also, we visit new approaches to expand the use and application of test results.

Tuuli Junolainen

Trainer and Coach

+372 618 1570

Madis Bachmann

Assessment Consultant and Recruitment Specialist

+372 618 1572