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Team coaching

What is the atmosphere in your team? Can you feel tension and loss of motivation? Is there mistrust and important conversations taking place only outside of meetings?

We can help.

Team coaching enables to map difficult situations, learn to understand and support each other. It is possible to change communication and interaction patterns. If needed, we can help the manager to restart the team. Cooperation and productivity will rise.


Development leap for the team

We can empower the development of the team, especially in the key phases of team development (i the beginning, in the conflict phase or when restart is needed).

Coaching is useful if you want to:

  • improve cooperation
  • create mission, vision, goals and action plan
  • getting to know each other through strenghts and development needs
  • solving conflicts (also long-term tensions)

Contact Liisa for team coaching – first consultation is always free!

Liisa Raudsepp

Coach and Professional Supervisor

+372 618 1570

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