We are an Estonian consultancy with over 29 years of experience.

We started with testing, then recruitment and organisational research, and now coaching and other development activities. Our services are mainly used in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

We help:

  • find, recruit and retain good people,
  • understand what’s going on in the organisation and find development opportunities,
  • support the development of people and organisational culture.

The coloured circle on our logo stands for the letter ‘o’ in the Tripod name, but also for the synergy between us in finding the best solutions.

25 years of activity

Over a quarter of a century of experience, best practices and proven strategies.

25 000 tests

Over the course of the year, we test more than 25 000 people in the Baltic countries.

Almost 200 recruitments per year

Successfully complete nearly 100 of the most complex searches on the Estonian market.

100 coaching clients

We help managers and teams overcome bottlenecks and reach new levels.
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