The Tripod test results are presented in comparison with the results of successful leaders in the test – in other words, people who have already proven themselves as leaders. Such comparisons are much more informative for drivers than comparisons with the general population. Because personality traits are innate and relatively stable, the test is suitable for assessing both current leaders and leadership candidates. At the level of assumptions, the tests can also help to compare apparently equally good leaders in more depth, providing a valuable complement to other assessment methods.

The personality questionnaire Tripod Manager Persona©or IK-JUHT consists of 188 items, which take on average 20 to 40 minutes to complete.

The mental ability scale Tripod Manager Ability©or VVS-JUHT/2 consists of 48 items, which take a maximum of 45 minutes to complete.

Manager Personality Questionnaire Tripod Manager Persona©

Numerous research studies conducted around the world over the years have shown that managers are more like other managers than other people in terms of personality traits and abilities. This means that, compared to the population as a whole, managers are more balanced, analytical and innovative, more willing to actively pursue goals and involve others.

The personality traits that are important for leaders can be measured by Tripod’s IK-JUHT Leadership Personality Questionnaire for Leaders, which is part of Tripod’s suite of leadership tests.

The IK-JUHT is based on an internationally recognised and extensively researched personality model calledThe Big Five (see Allik et al., 2003)[1]. The test identifies the expression of the five most important personality traits for a leader, i.e. the test taker’s inherent

  • emotional stability
  • general activity (extraversion)
  • relationship orientation (sociality)
  • result orientation (determination)
  • receptiveness or openness.

In addition, the test allows the measurement of ten more specific qualities – self-control, resilience, initiative, leadership, independence of opinion, teamwork, organisation, achievement orientation, adaptability and rationality – which are directly related to management performance.

The test consists of 188 items, which take on average 20 to 40 minutes to complete. In the case of the personality questionnaires, it is up to the respondent to assess the extent to which the self-reported statements in the questionnaire apply to him or her.

[1] See “Personality psychology”, ed. Allik, J., Konstabel, K., and Realo, A..

University of Tartu Publishing House, 2003.

Manager Mental Ability Questionnaire Tripod Manager Ability©

The Managerial Mental Ability Scale Tripod Manager Ability or VVS-JUHT/2 helps to assess the test taker’s natural ability to see the big picture in the details, to quickly acquire and recall new knowledge, to solve a variety of situations and problems, and to make well-considered, forward-looking decisions.

Managers are characterised by a higher than average mental capacity, which enables them to quickly orient themselves in novel situations and to cope successfully with the many complex tasks that a managerial position entails.

This ability to orientate and analyse quickly is reflected in the overall level of mental capacity. In addition to mapping the level of overall mental ability, the VVS-JUHT/2 allows it to be described in terms of four narrow sub-skills:

  • comprehension of verbal information
  • numerical information comprehension
  • numerical-logical reasoning
  • spatial reasoning

The results of the scale are presented in comparison with the average scores of specifically Estonian drivers in similar tests.

In the ability test, the test taker is asked to solve short tasks for which logical reasoning, attention and analytical skills are sufficient.

The VVS-JUHT/2 driver mental ability test consists of 48 tasks, which can be completed in a maximum of 45 minutes. A calculator and a paper and pencil may be used as aids.

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