Have relations in the team become strained? Is there dissatisfaction and lack of motivation? We can help.

Team training and coaching allows you to make sense of difficult situations, to learn to notice, understand and support each other. It is possible to change communication patterns. It helps the leader to take the team back on track. Cooperation and productivity improve.

Team training – a development leap for the team

The development of a team can be accelerated and strengthened with the help of group coaching: especially when starting up, in a conflict phase or when restarting a team.

Coaching can benefit a team in the following cases:

  • Increasing cooperation and a sense of unity
  • Formulation of mission, vision, development goals and action plans
  • Identifying, recognising and setting development goals, building a vision, a mission, a vision, a vision and a vision
  • Addressing conflict and finding solutions

To book a coaching session, contact Tuuli – the first consultation is always free of charge!

Tuuli Junolainen

Senior Consultant and Coach

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