Accepting the offer

We get to know your background and needs

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To request an assessment service, please email us at tripod@tripod.ee and include:

  1. the details of the person to be assessed (so we can contact them to arrange a suitable testing and feedback time);
  2. job title;
  3. job advertisement or job description (and key words, what the job is and what kind of person you are looking for).

If it is clear which test package you would like to use, please point it out. We will also be happy to advise you on the choice of tests.



Communication with all parties

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In the second stage, we will contact both the candidates and the client to agree suitable times to complete the tests and provide feedback on the results. This is usually the most time-consuming stage, as busy schedules can make it difficult for both candidates and clients to find a suitable time.



Administration of tests

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The third stage involves the completion of tests. We organise this testing in the digital centre test.tripod.ee.

The mental ability test can be completed via Teams under the guidance of a Tripod consultant. Candidates will be able to take the personality tests at a time and place convenient to them.


Individual feedback

Feedback and interview

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The fourth stage is an individual meeting with the candidate (on Teams), during which the Tripod consultant will present the results and their interpretation to the candidate. In addition, an interview will be conducted.


Summary and analysis

Overview for the client

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In the fifth stage, a final meeting between the Tripodi consultant and the client will take place at an agreed time. During the final meeting, we will go through the candidates’ test results with the client and conduct a job-person fit analysis to address each participant’s strengths and risks regarding the particular job.

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You are lucky to have a number of great candidates but making the final choice seems difficult because of that? Or you have two or three strong matches that you would like to evaluate in more detail?

Feel free to consider using our assessment service when you need to evaluate employees or candidates but don’t have the right tools, skills or time. At Tripod, we test people every day and will be happy to give you a hand in assessing yours.

Each participant will also receive detailed feedback from us. At the end, we’ll give you a comprehensive overview of the whole assessment, give recommendations and answer any questions you may have.

During the assessment service, we will

  1. Get to know your background and your needs;
  2. recommend the tests to serve your purpose;
  3. communicate with candidates and guide them through the tests;
  4. give the candidates an overview of their results and validate them by an interview;
  5. give you as the client an overview of each participant’s strengths and risks and carry out a job-person fit analysis.

The tests are useful for

  • assessing the suitability of applicants;
  • making difficult recruitment decisions;
  • assessing your own employees;
  • selecting participants for a development programme – future leaders or talent.
  • Create a comprehensive candidate profile, i.e. a clear idea of what the candidate’s main job responsibilities will be and what competences are important;
  • this helps choose the right tests to assess the competences, skills or psychological traits needed.

Thorough and professional assessment will greatly facilitate making the right decisions and recruiting people who have an appropriate set of skills, motivation and development potential for the job.

You can do all this on your own and at a lower cost by attending Tripod’s test user training first and obtaining a test user licence.

Customer feedback

Our project was managed professionally and quickly, the long lists were extensive, matched the context and came with background information. In a small country like Estonia managers often believe that they can fill a vacancy on their own. Tripod introduced new angles, areas and fresh candidates. They listened to us carefully, understood our needs and delivered real value, saving us lots of time and energy.

Valdur Laid, UGI
Valdur Laid, UGI

The team analyses by Tripod clearly highlighted our strengths and needs as a team. We established our individual development needs and agreed on a detailed activity plan, which will help us take practical steps on our own. Tripod’s coach created a trusting and friendly atmosphere and made everyone comfortable. The process was professional, practical and solution-oriented. We achieved our goal to grow as a team and learn more about our colleagues.

Anneli Roosalu, National Foundation of Civil Society, Executive Director
Anneli Roosalu, National Foundation of Civil Society, Executive Director

Excellent cooperation involves a partner who can really feel your needs and expectations, and provide a solution to any problem, even a time-critical one. The essential criteria are integrity, reliability and dedicated experts who have a rich choice of tools – this is what Tripod team is about.

Marelle Pihlak, Saarioinen Estonia, HR Manager
Marelle Pihlak, Saarioinen Estonia, HR Manager

We expected to find excellent employees, investing an optimal amount of time. The ability of Tripod’s staff to work to schedule and stick to deadlines is impressive: they were there for us all the time, replying to our emails even at the latest hour, open to listen to our ideas and give advice. Thanks to their outstanding performance, we recruited four people instead of two.

Merike Jaamul, Estonian Railways, HR Manager
Merike Jaamul, Estonian Railways, HR Manager

Our long-term cooperation is founded on trust and Tripod’s ability to really understand customer and business needs. I can rest assured if Tripod takes care of our recruitment projects and organisation studies. I see great added value in Tripod’s ability to test candidates with reliable measures. I will certainly continue to work with them, and recommend Tripod to others who are looking for a dependable partner.

Indrek Sarjas, G4S Estonia, HR Director
Indrek Sarjas, G4S Estonia, HR Director

Tripod has been our cooperation partner for years. The solutions offered support our needs. This does not mean, however, that we always get what we ask for. The main value for us lies in the fact that the professionals at Tripod can positively navigate between our wishes and the opportunities available. At the end, we can be sure that our surveys are founded on proven methods and we really know why it’s important to follow that.

Kristiina Palm,Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund, HR Manager
Kristiina Palm,Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund, HR Manager

For over ten years, we have used Tripod’s assistance in more complicated recruitment projects and also when pressed by time. When using their services, we can be sure that all procedures and ethical standards are followed professionally, and the goals are achieved. And last but not least – the people at Tripod are really friendly and helpful!

Age Razumova,Henkel Balti OÜ, HR Manager
Age Razumova,Henkel Balti OÜ, HR Manager

Cooperation with Tripod has offered us security and trust. We have conducted together several complicated and demanding projects, and they have never let us down. In addition to practical and professional advice they are friendly and supportive, as well as stick to deadlines without compromising quality. Tripod is my preferred recruitment partner!

Mari-Liis Kreem, Stora Enso
Mari-Liis Kreem, Stora Enso

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Category Manager for Tests in the Baltic States

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