the 360-degree feedback background survey is the most widely used method to assess the competencies of managers. The survey asks for feedback about the respondent from colleagues, team members, the manager directly and the respondent himself/herself. The survey helps to identify the strengths and development needs of the managers being assessed, as well as opportunities to improve the success of the organisation.

To obtain feedback, Tripodi’s 360-degree survey methodology is used and a questionnaire describing the competencies required in the work of the respondents is developed in cooperation with the client. It may be based on an existing organisational competency model or principles describing management behaviour.

Each manager will receive individual feedback on the basis of the score report during an interview with a Tripodi consultant.

During the feedback interview, key strengths and development needs are summarised in writing and an initial development plan is set out. We recommend that each manager also shares the key results and development objectives with his/her team, and draws up a more detailed development plan and timetable with his/her manager.

The implementation of the objectives is effectively supported by coaching – especially if the aim is to develop people management skills, emotion management, presentation skills, etc. In short, to hone personal and communication skills.

The development of the manager benefits from regular feedback on the skills being developed, and we also recommend that a new 360-degree feedback survey is carried out every 1.5 to 2 years to assess progress in development areas.

Maarja Sau

Senior Consultant

Tuuli Junolainen

Trainer and Coach

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