The cooperation survey maps cooperation between teams. It will help to understand the satisfaction of staff who use the services or support provided by other departments, as well as by partners, in their work. Almost every employee in an organisation is both a client and a service provider.

The aim of the Cooperation survey is to make collaboration within the organisation smoother and better. As coopetaion is a two-way process and good collaboration between units depends on both the input of the person doing the work and the clarity and thoughtfulness of the ‘client’s’ wishes, we will look not only at satisfaction but also at how the service user expresses their expectations.

The results of the survey show where cooperation can be enhanced to enable all members of the organisation to deliver better products or services to their colleagues.

In the cooperation survey, we will prepare a questionnaire for each department or partner. As a rule, we use a universal questionnaire, which is suitable for all departments and thus allows comparison of the results of different departments. However, from the point of view of gathering substantive feedback, it is also possible to base it on the wishes of the department.

In order to ensure that the results are of real and lasting use, we will support the improvement of cooperation after the survey through a follow-up workshop.


Meelis Pihlamäe

Senior Research Consultant

Deniss Kovaljov

Research Specialist

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