Organizational surveys allow you to “grade” the health of an organization, its management culture or satisfaction with collaboration. The touchglass shows what the situation is, but does not cure it.

In order to promote organisational wellbeing, managers and employees need to work together to understand what the situation is now and what it could ideally be. An action plan to move in the right direction then needs to be created and implemented. In other words, to achieve the desired change, thoughtful development activities are needed.

We will help you work on the results. We provide support:

  • management: defining results, creating a vision for change, developing an action plan;
  • training for managers: results definition and action planning – for issues where you need to involve staff in creating solutions and encourage initiative and ownership;
  • consultation and coaching for managers to work through complex feedback, set motivational development goals and implement plans;
  • supervision of teams when performance is critical and team cooperation is low. Supervision helps to address emotionally charged issues, clarify role expectations, build trust and strengthen collaborative relationships within the team;
  • training to run workshops in the organisation to work on results at all levels of the organisation, facilitating the flow of information and ideas both top-down and bottom-up.


Meelis Pihlamäe

Senior Research Consultant

Tuuli Junolainen

Senior Consultant and Coach

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