We help you understand where the hidden strengths and development opportunities lie in your organisation and your leaders.

We don’t just collect the data, we provide the complete solution – helping you to present the survey, find just the right questions to ask, and use the most up-to-date methodologies on how successful organisations work. We present the results quickly, in writing, in a simple and logical format. We’re also happy to explain them in direct presentations and support goal-setting in workshops or training sessions.

We have been studying both private and public sector organisations for over 20 years. During this time, we have advised managers from a wide range of sectors on how to develop wellbeing in their organisation and drive employee engagement. We have worked with multinational corporations and Estonian private companies in sectors ranging from IT to industry, but also with public sector organisations from defence to healthcare.

Over the 20 years, we have conducted more than 200 surveys, interviewing more than 100 000 respondents.



2-3 weeks

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The right questions lead to the right answers, so we tailor the method to your organisation’s needs and objectives.

Structure of respondents

Each manager receives feedback directly from their team.


We help make the project transparent and support the provision of quality feedback.



2 weeks

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Answering environment – intuitive and logical design.


feedback collection.


In case of queries – fast and personalised response to queries.

Recording option

You can leave the questionnaire unfinished and continue later.


Collected data – we collect the data on our own server, not in a cloud-based solution.



after 1 week

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Clearly presented analyses

The combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis can help you reach decisions quickly.

Automatic analysis

Results are available immediately after responses are received.

Presentation at

Presentation of the results, together with the consultants’ come-hither, to help identify the main strengths and development needs of the organisation.


Development activities

6 months

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Workshop for managers

Drawing up an action plan: defining results, priorities and next steps.

Training for managers

How to run an inclusive and effective action plan workshop in a team?

Implementing development activities

Within 6 months.



6th month

Open Description

Pulse study

How did our development work, what could we do better?

Development Meter

Collect feedback from your team, how did we do in development, what can we do better?

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Why us?

Kristiina Palm, Human Resources Manager, Estonian Unemployment Fund

Our cooperation with Tripod goes back many years. It’s a customer relationship that gets more and more honed with each passing year, and only gets better as a result. As a customer, we feel that the solutions we are offered support our needs. That doesn’t mean we always get what we want. Tripod’s value to us is that their expertise allows them to skilfully navigate the fine line between what we want and what they can offer. Ultimately, we can be confident that our research is based on a scientifically proven methodology and that we know why it is necessary to follow it.
And it is not insignificant that the results of extensive research are communicated to our staff in clear and simple terms, with expert explanations.

Meelis, Maria and Liisa are always thinking along with us, in a real way. They react quickly and deliver what they promise.

Taimi Kauler, Harju Elekter Human Resources Manager

We have cooperated with the Tripod Group on various topics in the Harju Elekter Group companies. In addition to recruiting and evaluating new team members, they have helped us gain a better insight into the satisfaction and expectations of the company’s employees and internal customers.

Indrek Sarjas, HR Director, G4S Estonia AS

I have been working with Tripod since 2007. The basis of our long-standing cooperation has been trust and their ability to understand the customer’s needs and business. Over the years, I have wholeheartedly trusted Tripod with both recruitment projects and organisational research. As a recruitment partner, their ability to test candidates with reliable tests so that nothing is left to chance has been a great added value for me. I will definitely continue to work with Tripod myself and would recommend them to others who are looking for a reliable partner.

Mailis Neppo, Head of Personnel Department, Ministry of Defence

Tripod has partnered with us in the past to conduct satisfaction and engagement surveys. They know our in-house DNA and have a good understanding of our needs, which ensures better and more targeted recruitment. Tripod’s people are quick thinkers and exceptionally efficient at organising work and time. They keep their promises and are disciplined partners. This also fits in with the intensity of the Ministry of Defence’s work. Above all, their professionalism saves time for the organisation, because every vacancy means, to some extent, work not done. Good people are not on the hangover these days, they have their lives and work in order. The invitation to join our team comes unexpectedly. To reach this invitation, it is necessary to do some conscious preparatory work, which Tripod can help with.


Meelis Pihlamäe

Senior research consultant

Deniss Kovaljov

Research specialist

Maria Veltmann

Partner, CEO

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