Three Tripod tests can be used for counselling: the TASK vocational orientation questionnaire, the IK-15 personality questionnaire and the VVS-N mental ability test. The tests are suitable as a tool for career counselling and psychological counselling. The tests have been standardised on a sample of Estonian school pupils as well as adults. The tests can be completed in Estonian, Russian and English.

Labour Trend Questionnaire TASK

The TASK helps to identify a person’s natural areas of interest. The TASK questionnaire is based on John L. Holland’s theory of occupational preferences. The test provides an overview of the respondent’s preferences in six areas:

  • social orientation – prefers to work with and for people
  • entrepreneurial orientation – prefers business activities
  • performing orientation – prefers detailed work and business administration
  • applied orientation – prefers physical work outdoors
  • exploratory – prefers analytical and intellectual work
  • creative orientation – prefers creative and expressive activities

IK-15 personality questionnaire

The personality questionnaire describes the respondent in terms of five main personality traits, based on five-factor personality theory. These five personality traits are:

  • emotional state – resilience and emotional stability
  • activity level – readiness to take action and to communicate
  • communication style – agreeableness and responsiveness
  • style of action – commitment and perseverance
  • receptiveness – adaptability and creativity

In addition to the core scales, the test includes 10 subscales, among them the Rosenberg Self-Assessment Scale.

Mental Ability Scale VVS-N

The VVS-N gives an indication of a person’s ability to cope with abstract tasks. Mapping one’s own abilities against those of others allows one to analyse oneself, identify strengths and make more informed career choices. The test assesses verbal and mathematical ability, logical thinking and spatial imagination. In addition, the test provides an indicator of general mental ability.

How to use the tests

In order to use the tests independently, it is necessary to undergo training as a test administrator and obtain a licence. The licence is issued for a period of two years in the name of the person who has completed the course. During the licence period, the licence holder is entitled to administer Tripod tests, interpret the results and provide feedback to the test takers. At the end of the licence period, it can be renewed at the holder’s request.

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