Intellectual ability shows a candidate’s analytical ability, intelligence and speed, while personality traits show resilience, communication style, hard work and creativity.

The tests can be divided into four groups: 1) ability tests 2) personality tests 3) attitude tests 4) knowledge and skills tests. While the last type of test can be developed by the employer, the first three require a thorough knowledge of psychometrics and psychological theories and take 1-3 years to develop. For this reason, high quality psychological tests are not usually offered free of charge. Here is an overview of the tests offered by Tripod.

Personal tests

The personality test describes the test taker in terms of five main personality traits. These are emotional stability, extraversion, sociability, determination and openness. In addition, a number of other indicators are assessed, such as resilience, leadership, teamwork, achievement orientation, adaptability, etc.

Personality questionnaire for the assessment of NEO-TRI/2 professionals

The personality questionnaire describes the respondent in terms of five main personality traits, based on five-factor personality theory. These five personality traits are:

  • emotional – resilience and emotional stability
  • activity level – readiness to take action and to communicate
  • communication style – agreeableness and responsiveness
  • style of action – commitment and perseverance
  • receptiveness – adaptability and creativity

In addition to the core scales, the test includes 10 subscales, among them the Rosenberg Self-Assessment Scale.

The IK-JUHT Leadership Personality Questionnaire for the assessment of leaders

Mental ability tests

The general ability test assesses the respondent’s analytical ability, agility and speed in solving tasks. The test is designed for professionals and describes verbal, numerical, spatial and general ability. In addition, the executive test measures numerical-logical reasoning.

Specific tests

Spatial ability scale RVS

Suitable for predicting performance in technical and IT fields. The result of the test is obtained by comparison with representatives of these fields.

Visual speed and accuracy test VKT

The test measures speed and accuracy in processing visual information. It is needed, for example, for secretaries, data entry operators, warehouse workers.

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